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LA Discount Furniture provides a manufacturer's warranty on all items up to 30 days from the invoice date. This warranty covers all manufacturers defects within 30 days of delivery but does not cover damage resulting from misuse like exposure to extreme temperature, negligence, wrong assembly, accidental wear and tear, unauthorized repair, etc...

If your items arrive and you discover any defects, damaged piece or missing parts, please give us a call and we will schedule a time to replace the damaged piece(s) or item, at no additional cost! At any time if you trash your boxes/wrappings, the warranty will still be honored as long as you meet the requirements above. The warranty covers any defects, damaged piece or missing parts. The conditions of the warranty do not apply to the Exchange/Return//Refund Policy. Please make all arrangements with our Customer Support at 1.818.937.9337 or by emailing us at