Kids Trundle Beds Are The Answer To A Lack Of Space

If you live in a home with multiple young children, then you will already know just how tricky it can be to find space in any given room! From toys to clothes to everything in between, space comes at a premium, especially in a child’s bedroom. Lots of modern households are designed in such a way that similarly aged kids will share a room, and when you have two beds to try to factor in, the floor space can become a real issue.

The solution we have at LA Discount Furniture is simple but oh so effective:  kids trundle beds! If you haven’t considered investing in a set or two before, then we think they could be the answer to all of your space related problems. Here are some reasons why trundle beds are the best answer to a lack of space.

Kids Trundle Beds

  • Serious Space Saving
  • The primary feature of a kids trundle bed is that one bed can slide away underneath the other to create more space when the beds are not in use. This is ideal for a room for two young children as the key concern is where to put all of their toys! With two beds transformed into the space on one during the day, there is much more room in which the children can play and express themselves. When it comes to bedtime, all you need to do is slide the bed back out to turn the room back into a place for two kids to sleep. 

  • Great For Sleepovers
  • Sleepovers are one of the most fun activities for kids, and a trundle bed can fix a lot of problems for guests. No more having to sleep on the floor in a sleeping bag, because you can easily slide out a second sleeping option for your child’s friend to have a comfortable and relaxing night’s sleep.

    •  Good For Poorly Kids

    As a parent of a small child, you never get much sleep when they get sick. With kids trundle beds, you can keep them comfortable in their own, familiar bed whilst also pulling out the second to use for yourself. Lots of parents like to keep their little ones close to monitor them overnight when they are unwell, and this gives you the option to do just that without having to sleep on the floor or keep waking up in your own room to get up and check.

  • Keeps A Room Clean
  • Having trundle beds also encourages kids to keep their rooms slightly more tidy, because they will always have in the back of their minds that there needs to be enough space at the end of the day to pull out the second bed.

    If you think that kids trundle beds are something that would fix your own space related problems at home, then please explore our latest offers. Head over to the LA Discount Furniture website to check out what we have in stock. We are sure that you will find something that fits the bill.