Find Cheap Kids Trundle Beds from a Reliable Seller

You need lots of space for your kids, and want to have extra beds in case other kids want to stay the night. If you are trying to find a solution which simply dropping down a few mattresses on the floor, then you might want to consider buying some kids trundle beds. Also known as truckle beds, these are the ideal way to save space but still be able to offer guests a bed during sleepovers. They can also be very useful if you have kids staying at the weekend only, so you can give them a special bed without having to have an empty bed taking up room throughout the week. Choosing trundle beds is the best option  for homeowners who need more space.

What is a trundle bed?

You not have heard the term trundle or truckle bed before, and want to know more about it before you make a purchase. Simply put, the truckle is a kind of bed that rolls out from underneath another bed, and is usually on rollers or casters. The truckle bed lies underneath a larger bed for most of the time, and is then trundled out when it is needed. After they have been used, the bed is then simply rolled back underneath, as before. The truckle bed will often be quite low to the ground, so that it can slide out easily, while some may be lifted up as they are removed from under the bed.

Kids Trundle Beds

Why use a truckle bed?

The most common reason to choose these types of beds is that they make saving space much easier. You can easily double the beds in a room by using these, and they can be useful when you have guests over, or when children come to stay that are not usually present during the week. They can be used in spare bedrooms, making them more versatile, and then folded away discreetly after they have been used. They are often used by children as an alternative to the bunk bed solution, and you can add foam mattresses to ensure that children are always comfortable on them.

Finding affordable truckle beds

The beds can be found in a variety of furniture, but if you are looking for kids trundle beds to add to existing furniture, then we can help. At LA Discount furniture, we have a variety of truckle beds for all kinds of uses, from one-night sleepovers to regular weekend stays. When you buy from us, you get the advantage of saving space and also saving money, as we offer cheap furniture through our online store. We might offer you a nesting bed, which allows you to accommodate more than one sleeper, or even a bed which has matching drawers, supporting sleepers comfortably. Don't forget to buy a good mattress when you buy one of our truckle sets, and make use of our affordable online offers today. Simply contact us online to find out more, or call us on (818) 937-9337 today.