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When you try to find cheap furniture stores in Los Angeles, it can seem like the one thing you can’t find is a good mattress. You may be able to find a cheap mattress that you can afford, but it’s often of such low quality it’s not worth buying at any price. By that same token, you can find a “cheap” mattress that’s absolutely fantastic, but the price is so absurdly high that it truly stretches the definition of the word “cheap” so as to mean the opposite. In this blog, we’ll lay out some of the mattresses we have for sale at our online store as well as what they can offer you.

Mattress at Our Cheap Furniture Stores in Los Angeles

A good mattress is one of those things people may not realize their life is lacking. If you wake up in the morning feeling tired, achy or a bit sore, that could be due to a million different reasons – and one of them might very well be your mattress. Having a good, quality mattress that you sleep on each night can be so critical to improving your quality of life. In a way, the sign you have a great mattress is that you don’t realize it – you simply go to bed at night, wake up refreshed and ready to face the day. We have many different mattresses that can appeal to a wide variety of sleeping needs.

Mattress at Our Cheap Furniture Stores in Los Angeles

Memory Foam Mattresses

For some people, a “memory foam” mattress is the best way to sleep. On this kind of mattress, the mattress essentially molds to your body and the way you sleep. That’s where the word “memory” comes from. The Swan Pocket Coil-Memory Foam 12’’ Queen Mattress is built to be as luxurious as possible. This is the “Rolls Royce” of our memory foam mattresses. The comfort level of this mattress is, quite literally “Luxury Plush.” Twelve inches high, the mattress was specifically designed to emphasize sleep indulgence in every ways possible. Faux fur fabric, individual pocket coils and a deep 3.5’’ of foam encasement, this is as close as you might get to actually sleeping on a cloud.

Orthopedic Mattresses

For other sleeps, “Luxury Plush” is not the way to go. They don’t need a soft mattress to fall into; they need a firm mattress that can help with their spinal alignment. That’s where the “Maxim Orthopedic Mattress” comes in. this mattress has a tight top. The orthopedic-designed innerspring was built to help a sleeper’s spinal alignment. Many of us, particularly as we age, can have a problem with rolling off the bed as we sleep at night. That’s not a problem with this bed, as the “U-Guard Edge Support” makes sure the sleep can’t roll off. By emphasizing greater corner to corner support area, roll off becomes basically impossible. Go to bed, sleep comfortably and securely, and wake up with a better aligned spine in this mattress.

Pillow Top Mattress

Do you ever sleep on top of a pillow? This mattress essentially replicates that but in a far more comfortable and stylish way. The 948 Maxim Holiday Flip Double Pillow Top 13’’ Queen Mattress is basically like a pillow is laying on top of the mattress’s surface. The additional padding stitched on top of the mattress goes perfectly with the extra firm mattress. If you see the listing on our site, you’ll notice the word EXTRA is in all capital letters – that’s an accurate representation of just how firm this mattress is. It is there to provide the absolute apex of back support. Built to be durable for years and years, you can sleep secure in the knowledge that your back is adequately supported for a long time to come.

It is important to point out that we really do have all different styles of mattresses. From the “EXTRA” firm to the soft Veracow Gold Series foam mattress, we really do have everything. This mattress is perhaps best described like a magic carpet ride: soft, luxurious and peaceful. The high density foam makes for a highly comfortable sleep. This is the kind of bed for someone who thinks of a bed less like a thing they “lie on” and more like a thing they “lie in.”

Those are just a few of the different styles of mattresses that we offer. There are so many others that we don’t just have room to touch on in a single blog. No matter what your style of mattress is, or what level of firmness is best for you and your body, you’ll be able to find it at our online showroom. Of course, no matter the style of mattress you prefer, you can find it at our site for so much less than you would elsewhere. To see a complete list, call us at (818) 937-9337 or head to our site.