Before Buying Cheap Bunkbeds, Read This

You can find many cheap bunkbeds today. However, not all of them are durable. To shop for high-quality bunkbeds at wholesale prices, look no further. At LA Discount Furniture, we offer the most affordable bunk beds and loft beds for kids and adults.

As for the styles of bunk beds, you can find a standard bunk bed that tis ideal for young siblings who are sharing a room. A full bunk bed will allow more room for another bigger bed for one more sibling.

The styles you find can vary from casual to all-metal to traditional wood. At LA Discount Furniture, we offer different color options so there is something that will surely compliment your styling.

Cheap Bunkbeds

But cheap bunkbeds are not just for siblings who share rooms. These beds are also great for college roommates. If you have one child, it does not mean that you cannot install a bunk bed. In fact, it is perfect to be used when your child wants to host sleepovers with relatives or friends.

And if you have guest rooms, you can put bunk beds in theme. These beds are also great for vacation homes and lake cabins. You can buy as many as you like considering the extremely low prices we offer.

However, if your kids will be using them, make sure that they are of the right ages and weight limits. To know whether or not bunk beds will fit for your home, call us today.

Right Age for Bunk Beds

It is important to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for a bunk bed. Your kids must be six years old to use them. Most of the bunkbeds we have at LA Discount Furniture are appropriate for children, six years old or over.

Furthermore, it is ideal that the older child should occupy the top bunk.

Can You Separate the Beds into Two?

The bunkbeds we offer here cannot be separated into two beds. They are designed to be bunked. However, there are beds that will allow you to do so.

At our discount furniture shop, the bunkbeds we offer have built-in safety features. But we do recommend assembling them correctly.

The good thing is that when we home delivers the beds, our technicians can help install them for you. Still, you must tell your kids to avoid abusing it. They must follow the weight guidelines of the beds.

What Mattress to Use?

Standard mattresses will fit our bunkbeds. There is no need to add a box spring. To give your children a perfect mattress so they can sleep well, you may want to try using memory foam.

Older children and teens can reap this foam’s benefits. Memory foam is perfect if your kids have allergies. This type of foam is allergy-free as it is made of polyurethane. It is full of fibers that prevents dust mites from accumulating in the bed.

At LA Discount Furniture online shop, the cheap bunkbeds do not include the mattresses. You will have to buy them separately. We have plenty of memory foam mattresses to choose from. Visit our online shop today or call us if you have inquiries about home delivery (818) 937 - 9337.